Here is a list of all of the amazing games shown off during Aprils Full Indie Game Showcase


Team Shellrazer

Bio: Team Shellrazer is what happens when a programmer, an artist, a designer and an audio pro walk into a bar. You can read up on their game Shellrazer at

Ola Rogula – Doll Divine portal

Ola has been making dress up games since 2008 that she features on her portal, She spoke about moving into a new business model for her website and some exciting features soon to come.

Samppa Raski

A graduate from SFU’s SIAT program, Sam has been working as a one man game studio for the past 2.5 years, and is now ready to make the jump to the iPhone. You can read up on “Arkeia” at

Nels Anderson

Lead Designer on Mark of the Ninja at Klei Entertainment, and probably the only game developer in Vancouver (and maybe all of Canada) that was born and raised in Wyoming. Visit to learn more  about his latest game and all of his very interesting stealth mechanics.

Kevin Regamey

Kevin is a Vancouver based sound designer, current employed ly at SomaTone Interactive.  Phonopath is his own project, an experiment in audio-focused gameplay. See if you can get past the first level at

Frogtoss Games

Mike and Graham are two developers at Frogtoss Games, an independent micro studio in the sky.  On the project they are about to show, Graham handled design and programming and Mike handled programming and more programming.  They showed off their game Siege.

Philip Storey

Philip Storey is a student, writer and game-developer. He enjoys over-thinking all aspects of pop-culture. Visit for more information on the upcoming game Lenore Lost.

Green Cod Apps

Alain-Daniel, GreedCod Apps, would like to show his new game: Traffic Mania. It has been released on Nook and Playbook already but undergoing a round of improvement before further release.  Keep an eye out for it on

Team Nexus (Peter Qumsieh)

They are Team Nexus, their game is called Catalyst Zero. They are game design students from VFS. Their game is a remake of the traditional 2D top down shooter.  You can find more information on their game at