Zombie Minesweeper is blowing up on the App Store!
Vancouver, Canada – A zombie apocalypse has caused massive explosions as independent developer Frogtoss Games launches Zombie Minesweeper: A Love Story. Tip-toeing confidently onto iPhone and iPad, Zombie Minesweeper: A Love Story follows a cute-as-a-button sweetheart who ventures out of her town, over the fields and through the forest to meet her boyfriend for a romantic weekend during a zombie apocalypse.  Along the way she meets a host of terrified humans, gathers tools and weapons, and puzzles her way through explosive mines, all the while defending herself against vicious zombified creatures in this brutally fun puzzle/adventure game unlike anything you’ve ever played before!


“Zombie Minesweeper is the perfect blend of Brains and Guts.” exclaims Lara Kehler, co-creator of the game. “It’s a juicy puzzle explosion!”

“Whether you are solving puzzles, blasting zombies to gooey bits, or looking for love, Zombie Minesweeper takes you on an explosive adventure through a mine-strewn suburban apocalypse!” promises Graham Jans, the co-creator of the game.

Featuring over 30 levels, 14 zombie animals to dispose of and a cast of terrified humans, Zombie Minesweeper: A Love Story redefines the classic puzzle game for some zombie-bite sized fun.

Zombie Minesweeper: A Love Story is now available on iPhone and iPad for $0.99 to celebrate the game’s launch.

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