Great presentations last night at the January Full Indie Meetup!
We will be sharing some pictures and video over the next few days, so make sure you check them out and tag yourself! We also invite you to upload your own pictures on our Facebook Page

January Presenters

Jason Bailey: Virality on Faceook
Jason Bailey, CEO of East Side Games, was the co-founder of Super Rewards which pioneered monetization on the Facebook platform, paving the way for the virtual goods based games that dominate the platform today. Jason bootstrapped Super Rewards from zero to a 100mm run rate to a healthy eight digit exit all in under 18 months.

Ryan Dyck: Living a Double Developer Life – The Making of Waveform
Ryan is a veteran of the games industry, having worked on such games as Mario Strikers: Charged and Luigi’s Mansion 2. He has recently created his own indie studio, Eden Industries, which is preparing for release of its first game, Waveform, this February on Steam. Ryan’s passion is in making games that combine innovative and deep gameplay with modern aesthetics and accessibility. He also once punched a bear right in the nose.

Mark Baxter: Take the Leap
Mark Baxter is VP of Product & Creative and Co-founder at Vivity Labs, a vancouver-based developer of Mobile, Web and Social games. He has been in the Games & Digital Media industry for more than 12 years, in a variety of roles including: Executive, Producer and Creative Director. He was the President and Founder of Gnosis Games, an independent games studio that developed multiple #1 games and was sold to Threewave Software. As a senior manager of Threewave, Mark lead the Casual Games division and was also the Producer of multiple titles for the Xbox 360 & PS3.


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-Alex L