It’s big. It’s EPIC. It’s The EVOLUTION of GAMING Expo!

As a French-Canadian collaboration, the Evolution of Gaming features… well… the evolution of video games!

From its origins –when a “video game” was a hybrid board game with sheets to be placed in front of the screen– to the future of oculus rift!

The gaming ancestor –aka. The Chimera

We came. We saw. We played.

The classics are there, hanging out with the less classics.

The Mona Lisa of gaming is there

& Space Invaders in its arcade form!


Consoles –from the years when plastic was still resistant enough to handle game rage– take us back to the 90s, 80s & even 70s!

Yes, the Frogger is there as well!

Relive the STRESS of moving a frog across a busy street.

DIE A LITTLE every time you fall off a platform.

Have a MINI-RUSH as you stack layers of burgers atop moving eggs & cucumbers!

This game is evil

A sausage has never been scarier

The exhibit is at the Centre of Digital Media until August 10!

Most importantly: it’s FREE! Book your place online & relive your childhood!

Evolution of Gaming is nothing without The Plumber

Happy BC day everyone!

See you at the Full Indie Summit!