Pixel Blocked Arrives!

Vancouver based Damni Games announced today that the premier release of its debut puzzle game – Pixel Blocked! – is now available on the XBLIG channel. Pixel Blocked! is designed to challenge the spatial logic, speed, and critical thinking skills of players of all ages.

Pixel Blocked! Features:

  • 8-bit inspired puzzle shapes!
  • 180 increasingly difficult puzzles plus 6 mind imploding bonus puzzles.
  • 3 difficulty levels – Apprentice, Artisan and Master.
  • Music by Podington Bear

About Damni Games:

Damni Games is the brainchild of Vancouver game developer Daniel Truong. Having worked for industry giants such as Radical Entertainment and Electronic Arts, Daniel decided to go Indie in 2010.
Pixel Blocked! started off as a labour of love, and later on became a full time dream. For his first Indie self-developed game, Daniel wanted to create a puzzle game that captured some of the magic of his favourite puzzle games growing up: Tetris, Picross and Quarth.


~ Admin