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Shane Neville (@shaneneville), game developer, artist, nerd: “How to playtest your game and your friends games” (Design)

Playtesting (separate from QA bug searching) is super important to release a good game. How to do it as an indie?

Playtesting your game:
– Write the feedback down
– Be prepared before a test session: no known bugs, battery charged, proper controllers
– Do it early in development: finding the fundamental flaws early is going to save a lot of work later or ever worse not finding it until shipping time
– Go deep: play sessions of more than 15 min. Allows the tester to immerse themselves and discover less obvious issues
– Get fresh eyes: you constantly want the viewpoint of player who are new to the game

Being a playstester:
– Be critical: that’s why you are there. You (dis)like something? Try to articulate why
– Talk it out: stream of consciousness style. Don’t let the dev try to figure out what you are thinking, let him know.
– Be specific
– Be polite
– Be gentle on the hardware
– Don’t be offended when people don’t take your advice