Project Description

Tyler Sigman (@tylersigman), co-president Red Hook Studios and designer of Darkest Dungeon: “Balance is overrated” (Design)

What is balance anyway?

– Parity: each character, faction or unit is equally powerful or with equal opportunity
– Equivalency: each unit has capabilities that match its cost (direct costs + shadow costs)

Balance can be a trap: sanding out all the differences and with it… the fun. If everything is the same, all the abilites are equivalent and it makes them all the same.

How can a developer use imbalance?
– imbalance as role-assignment: tank vs damage-dealer. It creates group dynamics
– imbalance as a handicapping tool: golf is the classic example, but it could be the hit-box.
– imbalance as food for creativity: strategies and counterstrategies

And how does the balance/imbalance applies to Darkest Dungeon: imbalance by design.