Project Description

Sportsball is a combination of soccer, jousting, and flying birds. This Wii U local multiplayer game was brought to conventions and events around North America, including IndieCade, PAX South, and the EMP Museum in Seattle. Crowds were lined up at every event as players cheered, high fived, and squawked with new friends and rivals. Despite coverage including Nintendo direct, praise from reviewers, and being featured on the Wii U eShop homepage since launch, Sportsball is a financial failure.

Auston Montville, the game developer of TOO DX, discusses what went right and wrong in the development of Sportsball, leading to a game that is critically acclaimed but, for the moment, a financial failure. Watch the talk so we can all learn from these mistakes and make all of our next projects better!


Sportsball is our second game, preceded by BOSSES FOREVER 2.BRO, a free action game which set the stage for the quality and inventiveness you can expect from us. Now that we’ve moved full time onto the studio we are making more ambitious games that require the support of players to keep our studio running. What’s most important to us are the people who play our games. A silly sportsgame to one person is the foundation of a group of lifelong friends forged over nights of yelling and cheering in a college dorm room. Games don’t save lives, but they inspire, connect and teach. We make games that have an impact on people’s lives, as we feel it is our responsibility to contribute to society in any way we can.


  • 1 to 4 squawk jockeys compete in over 7 game modes!
  • As fun to watch as it is to play! Even if you’re not in the hotseat, you’ll be yelling and cheering for your team’s victory!
  • Devote your career to 1 of 4 inspiring teams!
  • Each team flies 4 unique birds(each with its own playstyle) allowing for 16 distinct avian masteries to achieve!
  • Flap within 10 stadiums in 3 environments across the world!
  • Train for mastery! Learn advanced techniques in order to carry, dunk, pivot and shoot balls into the field-net!
  • Record your greatest moments and gloat about your victories over and over again in the replay mode!
  • Practice your ball control in the time based survival mode, Rallyball!
  • Lose the balls and tackle for points in the fierce Sportsbrawl mode!
  • Duke it out mano a mano in the intense Duel mode!
  • Bring your skills to local tournaments by training in Sportsball Pro mode!
  • A fresh nostalgia, Sportsball is inspired by a fusion of modern design and well aged mechanics not reived in over 30 years!
  • Use the WiiU Gamepad as a 5th player for announcer mode! Give a play by play into the microphone to hear your voice over the match’s loudspeakers!