Project Description


Gabriel helps clients tell stories with design & code. His latest major work is now available the iOS app store. Previously worked as a designer, animator and technical director for motion graphic studios such as GiantAnt, Autofuss (acquired by Google), GoodbySilverstien, Ntropic and many others.

Flewn immerses you in the surreal journey of an old whale walking on stilts through a desert in search of a lost ocean. Along the way, Old Whale meets new friends who pull together to help him and the rescued sea creatures he carries on his back. Their efforts are put to the test when they must overcome an ominous mountain pass to reach a new home.

Each scene is a unique, carefully crafted combination of narrative, illustration, animation and music. Using the full capabilities of today’s ubiquitous multimedia devices, Flewn immerses you in a rich experience of story, character and sound.

The audience can progress the original story by scrolling through beautifully illustrated scenes complimented by music, animation and text. Flewn can be enjoyed alone or shared in a group setting.

Several characters are introduced throughout the story, including Frog on his “unicycopter”, whose unwavering support helps the struggling whale on his difficult journey.

In addition to scrolling through the narrative, the audience can help Frog fly and experience the journey from his perspective through a side-scrolling game mechanic. In order to complete each scene and continue the story Frog must eat flies to keep up his energy.

Gabriel Smetzer, director/artist/programmer of Flewn says, “The idea of an old whale on stilts embodies a feeling of empathic depth that I find compelling. I really wanted to take the time to give the whale the dignity of a well crafted story for everyone to enjoy.”