Project Description

Rustclad is a story exploration game where you journey across an alien world to solve a mystery that threatens your colony. It features real-world-sourced art (hand-built and found). If you want to know how (or why!) you might make video game art by hand, check out this amazing video detailing the process.

Presentation slides can be accessed here

About Rustclad:

You are the surveyor in a frontier colony at the edge of a strange wilderness, and it’s your first day on the job. You travel the seas to exotic islands and identify landmarks left behind by a lost civilization.

Now, some of these islands are already on your map, conveniently marked by beacons. Unfortunately, the colony has a limited number of these helpful little guys, and they tend to get into trouble, so your job is also to help retrieve them.

Well, you don’t mind saving their butts, and they have some great stories to tell back in town. Heck, the more of them you save, the better you do at your job. As it turns out, there are a few other folks who could use a hand too. They may not land you that next promotion, but after being cooped up so long, you are a bit short on friends.

You also found something too interesting to ignore. Letters from the lost civilization; a couple young friends who got separated, and started sending each other messages, and having secret meetings all over the place. These kids really got around!

You soon realize that their people got into serious trouble, and there are signs that your own people are headed in the same direction. So now, you don’t just have a job, you have a personal mission… find out more about these kids, and figure out how to avoid whatever left their civilization in ruins.