Project Description

Justin McMichael discusses how to build a multiplayer back end for your games.


Since 2013, has have been building technologies to make developers’ lives easier. They are at the forefront of cloud, compression and cross-device engineering.


To make better tools for developers. Entertainment markets are quickly evolving; the devices people use and the experiences they expect are changing daily – KinematicSoup is creating tools from the ground up to help developers deliver richer, more connected experiences to their customers quickly and economically.


KinematicSoup puts developers’ games in the cloud with a single click.
KinematicSoup enables persistent worlds that can be updated in real-time.
KinematicSoup allows thousands of people to play together cross-platform.
KinematicSoup makes multiplayer games less expensive to build and maintain.
KinematicSoup brings physics and object transience to mobile multiplayer.
KinematicSoup makes game experiences better.