Project Description

Chris Bourassa & Tyler Sigman (Darkest Dungeon)

Chris Bourassa (@BourassaArt) is the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Red Hook Studios where he works like a maniac on Darkest Dungeon. Chris has been a professional art director and concept artist for 15 years, contributing to a wide variety of videogames, animated TV shows, and pen-and-paper games. He loves all things dark and macabre, and his favourite game is Thief 2.

Tyler Sigman (@tylersigman) is the co-founder of Red Hook Studios and the game designer of Darkest Dungeon. He’s designed and produced over 15 games across video, board, and card formats. He got his start in indie development making print-and-play PDF games before the turn of the century, and correspondingly feels rather old lately.

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