We are a volunteer organization by and for independent game developers in Vancouver, B.C.

The future of game development is not only one of independence, but of interdependence as well. Full Indie exists as a platform for independent game developers of all types to come together in a network of shared experiences, opportunities, knowledge and support.


• Access to local talent, contacts and resources • Collective insight on the many challenges indie devs face • Constructive feedback within a supportive peer group • Professional network with a shared love of game creation • Events are a great forum for presentations and pitching your game

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In May 2010, Vancouver game developers Jake Birkett and Alex Vostrov established a Meetup group (Vancouver Indie Game Developers) so that local independent developers could connect with each other on a regular basis to talk shop, share ideas and socialize • Almost immediately, there was so much response to the monthly gatherings that it became challenging to find space to accommodate everyone • Given the success of the Meetup events, and feedback from indie friends, Alex and Jake decided to formalize a website and official name for the group • In 2011 we announced FullIndie.com as an anytime meeting place with resources directed at helping the indie community to strengthen and grow • And the rest is history.

Something to say? Got an idea for an event? News you want to share? Have feedback on the site? Whatever it is, we want to hear from you!
Full Indie Advisors: We’re looking to establish an experienced team to help us advise the community on best practices for every aspect of running your own indie development operation, through web resources and targeted events. Let us know how you would like to contribute.
Full Indie Friends: Hey Indies, are you interested in volunteering your time to help us run events, organize workshops, or source useful resources and links for the site? We sure could use your help. Please contact us!

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